Earlier this morning, about 11:00, two school children were spotted by muggles. One was definitely Harry potter, (you can tell by his scar) and the other cannot be proved yet. 6 or 7 muggles were convinced they saw the car flying!!

As most wizards know it is illegal to fly a flying car yet it is not illegal to bewitch a car but not use it. Only one flying car (which just so happens to be a flying ford Anglia is in existence. This is owned by Arthur Weasley. When he was put to question he said; "Yes, I did bewitch the car which is not illegal but I didn't drive it so I cannot be sued, also if it is my son who is driving the car I cannot be sued neither can my son as he is under the age to be sued." He refused to say any more.

Mrs hetty bayliss saw whilst hanging out her washing, two muggles claim to have seen the car whilst taking photo's for the post office times (muggle newspaper), and Mr Angus Fleet of Peebles. 6 or 7 people in all claimed to have seen the car. So who are these children? Ron Weasley and Harry Potter? Surely with all their good deeds they wouldn't do a thing like this?
Report by Rita Skeeter

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