Guide to Witches and Wizards for Muggles.

Meaning of words:

Muggle: Non-magical beings

Squib: Someone who knows about magic, is born into a magical family yet has only the slightest of magical blood in him so can perform little or no spells.

Ministry of Magic: Like the government of witches and wizards, magical objects and magical animals.

Quidditch: Magic sport like football. Most wizards support it, in fact they go crazy about it. The game consists of 1 quaffle (which is handled by the chasers and thrown from chaser to chaser) is the scorer when it passes through the hoop it counts as 10 points to the team. Also 2 bludgers fly around trying to knock players of their brooms and it is the beaters job to stop that by whacking the bludgers away with clubs/bats. A golden snitch is a small golden ball in which the seeker has to catch to end the game, 140 points are awarded to the team whose seeker caught the snitch. Other players in the game are the keeper, whose job it is to defend the hoops to make it harder for a team to score. The referee is also in the match. There is no such thing as a fowl in quiddich as these are allowed but penalties can be awarded on some occasions.

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