Quiddicth is a sport which witch's and wizards alike enjoy watching and playing.

How to play.
The players:

The beaters
It is the job of the beater to defend their team mates from bludgers. There are two bludgers (made from Iron) that fly around the pitch trying to knock players off their brooms. Beaters carry a bat and tend to be men, (although it is not the rules that they have to be men) as men are stronger and hit firmer and further.

The chasers It is the Chasers job to score points in Quidditch. They pass the quaffle (a large football sized ball) from Chaser to Chaser and score by throwing it in one of three hoops. There are three hoops at each end of the pitch, one end of the pitch is for one team to score through and the other end of the pitch is for the other team to score through.

The Keeper It is The Keepers job to defend the hoops.

The Seeker It is the seekers' job to catch the Golden Snitch. The Golden Snitch is a small ball which flies around the pitch so fast you can't see it. Every so often the snitch will stay still long enough for you to catch it. When the snitch is caught 150 point are awared to the team who's Seeker caught the snitch.

So, if you are a muggle why not create your own version of quidditch, use hoops and golf balls, and footballs, and vwala!

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