Rebecca the singing swinging pop princess

Rebecca lived in a small village called Mickleover in Derby, England. She always wanted to be famous and be on top of the pops. She had a sister called Holly and Holly was releasing a single with a top record company. Her sister had an amazing voice and her new single kiss me once kiss me twice was sure to be a hit. Rebecca admits herself she's not an amazing singer but her voice (unlike her sister's) was getting better. One Christmas she got a gift, and a very exiting gift it was. It was a ticket for VIP tour with Liberty X. She would get to meet Liberty X and they would show her how CD's are made, and a recording studio and also works as a backstage pass for S club's tour. Rebecca was excited and worried at the same time as the ticket came through the post and was anonymous. It could be trick she thought. She couldn't remember entering any competitions. The weeks before were so boring, their was nothing to do fun anymore Rebecca just sat there waiting for the day to come. And when the day did come she was so excited she went to the toilet 5 times an hour. She wasn't the sort of person who always fussed about her hair and make-up and nail varnish etc. But that day she felt different. She had a mind to impress. She did 13 tiny French plaits and, as she had long hair, scooped them all together and twisted them up to make it spiky on top. She pulled out a beautiful pink lipstick, some blusher, some eyeshadow, some concealer, and some foundation and carefully applied it to her face. She smoothed and cut her nails and glued on false nails. She swiftly added blue nail vanish to them and swept clear varnish on over the top. Last of all she pulled out her best outfit and slid into it. It took her 2 hours but eventually she was ready to get the show on the road.

So, she set off for the train station at half past eleven with her mum she got so nervous she actually started worrying about it incase she screwed up. Luckily when she got there all went well but in the morning all changed. Liberty X greeted her at the stadium for the VIP Tour. They let Rebecca stand in centre stage and suddenly.....suprise! an audience burst out the seats and S club 7 told her that they had collected off her sister a tape that you recorded and with thought that the 2 best were 'thinkin' it over' by Liberty X and 'Don't stop moving' by S club 7. So we thought we could take it in turns to sing it with you. Of course Rebecca was shaking and had butterflys in her stomach but this was a lifelong dream so she just sung her heart away. At the end of it all she felt her eyes drooping for half an hour then owch! "Sorry about that" said Jo from S club "but there is just 1 more surprise. Because you know that singing you did earlier well we recorded it and here's the CD. You can keep it as for me I'm off to the shops to buy that thing in your hand. See ya" Rebecca couldn't stop screaming all the way home. 50 years later her career was coming to an end. She had over 600 awards and 4 oscars and was named at her death "Rebecca the singing swinging pop princess".

The End
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