Jonah and Kath circa 1970

Jonah and Kath

An Amazing Story

Jonah Thomas and Kath Conlon were well known in Alvaston, Derby up to 1974. That's Derby, England. Jonah lived on London Road and Kath in Poplar Close. In the 1960's and early 1970's they went to various youth clubs and pubs in the Alvaston area. The pubs they used most were the Stanhope Lodge, the Blue Peter and the Harrington Arms.

They had many good friends in Alvaston, including Cobbs, Bone (pictured above on the right), Loz, Burnwell (Supermoose), Sue, Bri and Pete.

When Jonah and Kath both died on 24th January 1974, it left their daughter Joanne without a mother and father. It also left Kath's first child, Karen, without a mother. Jonah was on his way to work on his motorbike on the A6 north of Derby when he collided with a car overtaking in the opposite direction. Kath was in her bed at home in Alvaston when she was stabbed to death by an intruder.

That Joanne would loose both her mother and father at almost exactly the same time in completely different incidents must be a billion to one chance!

Jonah and Kath - two lovely people.

The story of Jonah and Kath