Dai's Story

Impossible to be By Chance

On 29th December 2021 I woke up in the afternoon in the recovery ward at Derby Royal Hospital, after an emergency operation. The next day I was in ward 313 with tubes coming out of me all over the place. I felt very ill.

Late in the evening of the 30th December, just a few hours before the time Dougie died two years ago, I started seeing red images every time I closed my eyes. The images, always different shades of red, but different images, were changing. Images like a red blanket with multiple regular faults in the stitching, or a wall of numerous small gargoyles with mouths making different shapes. I was wide awake, not dreaming nor hallucinating, but I couldn't stop these images appearing EVERY time I closed my eyes. I experimented trying to change the images that I saw when I closed my eyes, but it didn't work. Always red, always patterned, always moving parts evenly distributed throughout the red image.

Example of image seen when eyes closed

I eventually fell asleep, but woke up at 3 am. The images had stopped appearing when I closed my eyes. 3 am was around the hour of Dougie's death. I went back to sleep.

In the morning, the 31st December, which was the two years anniversary of Dougie's death, I woke up feeling well. No pain, no pain relief required. All the tubes etc. were removed from my body and by the end of the morning I felt completely recovered.

My recovery, although expected after the operation, was sudden and occurred on 31st December, the anniversary of Dougie's death.

The speed and completeness of my recovery echoed Dougie's recovery on the 24th January 2019, which was the anniversary of Jonah's death.

Jonah and Kath circa 1970
Dougie (left) with brothers Eric, Jeff, Dai and mother Olive, circa 1994.
Jonah and Kath circa 1970
Jeff (Left) age 6, Dai (Centre) age 3, Jonah (right) age 4.
Jonah and Kath circa 1970
Dai (left) with Dougie in Australia 2015.
Jonah and Kath circa 1970
Dai (left) with brothers Eric and Dougie 2008.

The story of Jonah and Kath