Dougie 2003

Dougie's Story

Incredible! Impossible to be By Chance

Dougie was Jonah's brother. When Jonah died on 24th January 1974 Dougie was just 16 years old, and he slept at home in the same bedroom as Jonah.

Dougie travelled the world, working and holidaying. Then he started dating Carole in 1996, they married in Las Vegas in 2003. He continued to travel extensively, but with Carole it always involved heavy drinking. On the 4th April 2018 Carole had an aneurysm and was rushed into Intensive Care at Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham. She never fully recovered, ending up in a nursing home with limited mental capacity.

Dougie said that he couldn't handle losing Carole after he had lost Jonah, and decided to drink himself to death. The drink weakened his immune system and he went into the Royal Derby Hospital with pneumonia in January 2019. The doctors were unable to drain the fluid from his lungs. Dougie's Consultant called his brothers and sisters into her office to tell them that the doctors could do nothing more for Dougie. They then sent him to Nottingham City hospital where there was more expertise in this area and they would operate if he was strong enough. Dougie was due to have the operation on 23rd January 2019, but he wasn't considered strong enough. They expected him to die.

Dougie's brother Dai visited the hospital on 24th January expecting the worst. But with no interventions from the medical staff, Dougie started to improve. By the end of the morning of the 24th he was well, completely recovered. The staff were amazed. He transferred back to Royal Derby Hospital where the medical staff told him they never expected to see him again.

Carole's aneurysm on 4th April was on Jonah's birthday

Dougie's recovery against all odds was on 24th January, the anniversary of Jonah's death

The time from when Dougie started dating Carole to his death was about 23 years 10 months - the age Jonah was when he died

Dougie continued to drink and died nearly a year later on 31st December 2019. Carole died in her nursing home 12 days after Dougie died, the day before Dougie's funeral.

Dougie (centre) with work colleagues in Bordeaux, France, circa 1990.

Dougie (left) with work colleagues in Bordeaux, France, circa 1990.

Dougie (left) with father Cliff in Russia.

Dougie with Carole on holiday in Mexico.

Dougie (right) with father Cliff in St. Emilion, France.

Dougie in Dubai.

Dougie (yellow coat) working in Kazakhstan.

Dougie working off-shore in Australia.

The story of Jonah and Kath, and now Dougie